Rent Party Set To Perform at 2019 Hard Core Cider Tour

Rent Party Blues Band is excited to be part of this year's 2019 Hard Core Cider Tour. The band will be performing at each of the cider tour's events in California. We are really looking forward to these summer/fall shows.


*Please see show dates for location, date, and time.*  

New Rent Party Stickers Coming Soon!

You heard right ladies and gentlemen! Rent Party has some awesome new stickers coming your way. Make sure to make it to one of our upcoming shows and grab one while you can before we're all out. Our stickers will be available May 2019.  

Rent Party Headed To Studio - Debut Record Out Soon

Rent Party is thrilled to share that they will be going to the studio to record their debut album April 27th, 2019. The record is set to be released this summer. Official date is TBA. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for upcoming album release details.  

Rent Party

Keeps Santa Barbara Blue

Check out this great article written by the Santa Barbara Independent titled, Rent Party Blues Band Keeps Santa Barbara Blue. 


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